Important Youth Coaching Tips

Published on: Oct 22 2018
Author: FDBA

When working with young kids and running basketball drills, there are three very important concepts you need to consider:

1 – Kids need to be highly active!

Just by using fast paced drills and keeping things moving, your players will have more fun and get in better condition. Your kids should be breathing hard and their hearts should be pumping. It’s good for them!

Avoid standing in lines as much as possible and keep the ball in their hands as much as possible.

2 – Kids want to feel successful!

With very young kids, competition doesn’t always serve as a motivator. You should always provide activities that help them build their skills and confidence. Strive to focus on the learning process instead of measuring up to those around you.

You’ll want to avoid adding pressure and competition until the players have developed their skills, confidence, and become proficient with the basics.

Put them in situations where they can succeed.

3 – Kids want to have lots of fun!

This is an important stage for young players and your actions could determine whether they enjoy sports or not.

It’s important to make things fun so they can improve and become confident.