Basic Lay-ups

Lay-ups are the backbone of any team offense and every player's offensive repertoire. Without the threat of a lay-up, all other shots would become next to impossible. Just think, how you would defend if you knew that lay-ups were not allowed? What offense, what screens would be set, what dribble or one – on – one m... [MORE]

Better On-The-Ball Defense

Tip #1 - Never lose your balance If you lose balance for one second, YOU ARE BEAT! The purpose of every offensive move is to get YOU off balance - because as soon as you lose balance, the offense can blow by you. This means when you're guarding the ball, you must: Stay on your feet and do NOT go for shot ... [MORE]

Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Fundamentals, Drills, & Tips

Most coaches use dribbling and ball handling interchangeably. Though they are linked, the 2 skills are definitely separate. Dribbling and controlling the ball is a skill that can be practiced alone and is separate from the other ball skills on the court. Ball handling, however, involves knowledge of the game and int... [MORE]

10 Keys to a Great Basketball Defensive Stance

In order to stop the ball and deny dribble penetration, you must begin with a good stance. If you don't have a good stance, you won't have a good defensive slide, and you'll constantly be out of position and off-balance. This will enable the offense to score on you at will. EVERYTHING begins with a good defensive st... [MORE]


Few statistics influence the outcome of the game as do rebounding stats. Few statistics are indicators of as many things as are rebounding stats. Few actions affect more parts of the game as rebounding. Rebounding can be an indicator of how hard you are playing, team focus, how well you are shooting, etc. The othe... [MORE]